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Scuba Diving Trip
in French Polynesia

Divers come from all over the world to discover French Polynesia.

Dolphins, walls of sharks, rays of all kinds, whales... you can really see everything in French Polynesia! With a territory as large as Europe and mostly made up of ocean, the diversity is immense!

There are diving clubs on many islands of the different archipelagos of French Polynesia. However, some islands, particularly in the Tuamotu and Marquesas archipelago, do not have an airport and are only accessible by cruise. The catamaran is the perfect boat for diving cruises around Polynesian islands! 

In any case, dive clubs and cruise all offer spectacular dives that are practiced in small groups.

We can organize the tour that meets your expectations, so that you can dive in all the places that interest you. 

Nevertheless... With such diversity, a single trip would not be enough to see everything! 

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Sharks are found throughout Polynesia! The Tuamotu Archipelago allows you to observe groups of gray sharks that take advantage of the current in the passes to rest.

Polynesia is also a destination of choice for observing different species of hammerhead sharks (particularly in Rangiroa and the Marquesas).



There are several species of dolphins that live in Polynesia! It is possible to swim or snorkel with them in different islands.

In some places, they can be very playful with divers! 

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There are spots where different species of rays gather near many islands! The Marquesas Archipelago and the Society Archipelago are particularly interesting for divers who want to meet them. There are also interesting spots in the Tuamotus!

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Humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to Polynesia every year between August and October. The Austral archipelago is the perfect place to observe them in peace! But you can see them further north, in the Society archipelago and even as far as the Tuamotu. 

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Turtles were considered a portal between the world of the living and that of the dead in Polynesian culture. This fascinating animal that lives between the air and the water can be observed everywhere in Polynesia, but the Society archipelago lends itself particularly well.  



Obviously, there are fish everywhere and all year round in Polynesia! But the moons and the seasons dictate the gatherings and breeding times. Depending on the period of his diving trip, we will witness a completely different show! 

Gatherings occur on different moons and different months of the year, for different species! 


We can imagine all the itineraries, depending on budgets, desires and the time available! But we recommend taking your time and really visiting 2 or 3 islands, rather than wanting to see a maximum of them in a minimum of time! 

Here is an example of an itinerary that we like! It combines the Australs and the Tuamotus ! 

Day 1 Arrival

Arrival in Tahiti in the morning, direct correspondence for Rangiroa and arrival at the end of the morning. 

Day 2 to 7  Rangiroa

Diving in the Rangiroa pass with a diving club. Two dives per day for 4 days to explore the Tiputa pass, meet the local fauna. Dolphins, sharks, rays, fish: everything is possible! 

Day trip to the motus (islands, in Tahitian) isolated from the atoll of Rangiroa, with local meal, visit to the reef and weaving workshop. 

Departure for the next destination on the 7th day. 

Day 7 to 11 Tubai 

Arrival in Tubuai, discovery of the island, followed by 3 days of diving and whale watching! Dive into a fascinating universe, filled with giant corals, schools of fish and humpback whales! An extra day allows you to enjoy the island's wild hikes. Conquer a peak or walk through the vegetable fields and jungle of Tubuai! 

Day 12  ·Feedback


Day 12 to 15  · Supplement Tahiti 

Enjoy visiting a third island during your trip by spending a few days in Tahiti! Discover the peninsula, lava tunnels, hikes and many hidden treasures, far from the mass tourism of Tahiti! 

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