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Theme trip

You want to discover French Polynesia around a specific theme

We organize tailor-made trips and can center your experience around something particular! 

Do you want to do a workshop or yoga classes during your trip to French Polynesia? Or a freediving course? Surfing? Kite surfing? Or do you want to take lessons to learn Tahitian?

Here is a selection of some ideas. 



Enjoy a yoga retreat during your trip, to combine the discovery of Polynesia and a stay to recharge your batteries. Yoga instructors can be found in different islands.

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Scuba Diving

A classic: the diving trip to French Polynesia! Cruising or being island based, the possibilities are endless. 

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Whale Watching

They come to visit Polynesia between August and October! You can observe them in different archipelagos and punctuate your journey by going to visit them in different islands. 


We can imagine all the itineraries, depending on budgets, desires and the time available! We recommend not to visit too many islands in a short time, in order to take your time and enjoy each place you visit thoroughly!

Here is an example of a  yoga/whale  trip between Tahiti and Rurutu that we really like! 

Day 1 Arrival

Arrival in Tahiti, go to the Peninsula for more tranquility! 

Day 2 to 4  Tahiti Peninsula

4 days to discover the humpback whales of Tahiti! Half a day at sea to observe these animals and half a day on land for yoga classes!

Day 5· Shift from Tahiti to Rurutu

Air travel and arrival in Rurutu

Day 6 to 9 Rurutu 

4 days to discover the whales of Rurutu, hiking and discovery of caves, horseback riding. The days are punctuated by a yoga class, in the morning or in the evening, in parallel with excursions.  

Day 10 ·Feedback

End of trip 

Or optional extra duration

Day 10 to 14  · Rangiroa Supplement 

Extend the trip for a few days to continue your yoga retreat. This time, no whales but dolphins will be there! Enjoy diving with them, snorkeling or scuba diving.   

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