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in French Polynesia

You can sail, on a catamaran for example, or take cruise ships. For example, for a trip through the Marquesas, a large cruise ship allows you to travel comfortably and discover all the islands of this archipelago!   But it is also possible to discover the Marquesas by catamaran, especially if you want to go diving!

The Tuamotu Archipelago is also a particularly interesting destination for catamaran cruises. With 76 atolls scattered in the middle of the ocean, it is the perfect playground for anyone who wants to enjoy a cruise, without having to face heavy sailing and enjoying the calm of the lagoons.

Catamaran cruises also allow you to take diving equipment on board and explore remote sites that are not accessible to diving clubs on other islands.

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Accessible only by catamaran cruise, Makatea is located about 50 miles from Rangiroa! This is the perfect cruise for 5 to 7 days with a group of friends! 

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Located between Rangiroa and Fakarava, Toau is inhabited by about ten inhabitants and is not accessible by plane. There are spectacular dive sites!

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Ua Pou

An incredible island to discover for many reasons! The seabed is exceptional: manta rays, sharks, huge groups of fish! But the island is also very beautiful and allows for hiking, horseback riding and many other activities.


We can imagine all the itineraries, depending on budgets, desires and the time available! It is not possible to cruise between two archipelagos with a short duration (the navigations would be too long). We recommend cruises between 3 and 14 days, either in the Marquesas or the Tuamotu, with or without diving.

Here is an example of itinerary between Rangiroa and Makatea that we really like! 

Day 1 Arrival

Arrival on the catamaran in the morning and departure for Tikehau. Possibility of spending a few days in a pension to discover Rangiroa before or after the cruise.

Day 2 to 3  Tikehau

Discovery of Tikehau. This small atoll allows you to snorkel, dive, meet manta rays and visit a charming little village! 

Day 3 to 6 Makatea 

Arrival in Makatea! It is one of the only high islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Makatea has many surprises in store! You can explore abandoned phosphate mines that are submerged in the jungle, go rock climbing (unique in French Polynesia!) and explore freshwater caves, in which you can swim.  

Day 7 ·End of the trip


Or optional extra 

Day 7 to 10  · Rangiroa Supplement 

Enjoy spending a few days in Rangiroa in a guesthouse, before or after your cruise. This atoll offers opportunities to dive with many species of animals, as well as to visit a pearl farm, a wine cellar and many other activities!  

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