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Excursions in French Polynesia

Do you want to live a great adventure in French Polynesia, discover remote islands, enjoy local life while living in comfortable accommodation? No problem! 

Guesthouses allow you to stay on the islands with very friendly families! Many people offer excursions and activities that you can do for the day! You discover islands through their inhabitants! A simple, responsible, authentic and exciting way to discover French Polynesia!

Go fishing? Explore motus (island, in Tahitian) isolated from the rest of the world? Go hiking in the jungle? Discover the cuisine or the traditional Polynesian way of life?

There are excursions and activities for everyone! 

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Reef Island 

Ile aux Récifs is an easy day trip from Rangiroa. You will discover a very special site, where the reef has risen on the island thanks to terrestrial movements. It is also a day to discover the Polynesian way of life,   music and culture.


Blue Lagoon

This famous lagoon is in the lagoon of Rangiroa! A great day trip to feel disconnected from the rest of the world.


Exit to the motu

In all the islands you will find excursionists who will take you to discover the lands of their family and their island. On foot, on horseback, by bike, by canoe: everything is possible and each island has surprises in store! 



The Marquesas and the Australs are famous for their horses! Enjoy discovering an island on horseback, following a local guide who will tell you his stories.

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There are fishermen in all the islands of Polynesia! This activity can be practiced by the day, whether it is spearfishing, angling, or other traditional Polynesian techniques.  

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THEgo to(canoe in Tahitian) is the traditional mode of travel of Polynesians. It is practiced alone or in a team. Many people use it on a daily basis and races are sometimes organized. A great activity to discover Polynesia differently!

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