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Marquesas Archipelago

Located in the very north of French Polynesia, the Marquesas are also called "Fenua Enata", which means Land of Men. Here, people speak Marquesan and you shouldn't say Ia Ora Na but Kaoha!

The Marquesas are accessible by plane and you can stay in guesthouses and dive with dive shops. But you can also visit these islands with a cruise (catamaran or on cruise ships). 

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Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva is an exceptional destination for diving (manta rays, hammerhead sharks: all are inhabitants of Nuku Hiva). 


Hiva Oa

An island full of history that will delight nature and adventure lovers as well as travelers looking for more calm, who travel to take their time, discover culture and history.


Ua Pou

A very special island that is easy to recognize thanks to its very characteristic rocky peaks. Explore rivers, lush forests, learn about culture and explore reefs while snorkelling. 

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