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Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotu Archipelago is mainly made up of atolls. There are no less than 76 and they extend from east to west over more than 1762km in length!

Tuamotu means "the offshore islands" in Tahitian. The archipelago is indeed offshore several hundred kilometers from Tahiti. It is easily accessible by plane thanks to many airports distributed between the islands. It is also the perfect destination for a catamaran cruise: there are many lagoons and the sailing time is short.

It is possible to visit several Tuamotu islands, by catamaran or plane. Some islands are only accessible by sail boat, as they do not have an airport.

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The perfect destination for divers and adventurers! This is the best place to dive with dolphins in French Polynesia and explore the remote parts of the atoll. 

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Famous for its shark-filled passes! Fakarava is an ideal destination for divers and anyone who wants to feel disconnected from the rest of the world.  



One of the rare high islands of the Tuamotus: Makatea is THE adventure destination of French Polynesia! Explore abandoned mines in the jungle, climb and discover caves and rivers underground.



Not far from Rangiroa, Tikehau is a quiet little atoll, ideal to combine with other islands to do a Tuamotu tour! Diving centers are present on the island as well as accommodation for all tastes and budgets!



Great for divers and adventurers! You can reach Apataki by plane or catamaran cruise. There is no dive center on the island, so dives must be arranged with a cruise. 



Perfect adventure destinationon a cruise! There is no dive center on the island, but there are two passes which are great dive sites! Perfect for divers who want to get out of the classic circuits.

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